WildWorks join international outdoor arts project as lead artist for ‘Home’

Zap Art are delighted to announce that WildWorks theatre company will be the lead artist for Home. WildWorks and Zap Art have worked together previously on the acclaimed PECA commissioned production Souterrain. Our collaboration and process will be documented on the blog as the research and development process continues, but for now it gives us great pleasure to introduce our artistic partners:

WildWorks is one of the UK’s leading producers of outdoor theatre, led by internationally renowned Bill Mitchell. It creates world-class productions across a variety of contexts with a broad range of partners including National Theatres in Wales and England, Historic Royal Palaces, World Stages London and the National Youth Theatre. Crucially, WildWorks is a continuing creative risk-taking experiment to push at the boundaries of both participation and contemporary performance practice. As an international, art-led company based in Cornwall, it balances high production values with a distinctive commitment to – and delivery in – community engagement. No other company in England achieves this balance with such depth and scale.
Its work demonstrates a catalytic capacity to convene, to connect and to communicate. The company believes that community is a simple but profound conjuncture of people and place. Stories of substance rooted in lived experience are the prize it repeatedly seeks, often finds and successfully amplifies. Its shows are made with and for the widest range of people through an ever-evolving collaborative participatory process that draws on its own tried and tested methodologies. Its driver is site and the stories that emerge from it. Led by the artist Bill Mitchell, the company develops engaging and universal stories from places and the people who are connected to them. It is art led and holds that from its experience the artist can play a pre-eminent role in placemaking, community building and regeneration.  Wildworks consistently challenge peoples’ perception of what theatre can be and we consistently challenge ourselves about how work can be made.