Zap Art: The ‘Home’ Team

Dave Reeves, Executive Producer

Dave Reeves has worked extensively throughout the outdoor arts sector during his career. He is one of the founding directors of the Zap Club and Zap Productions and is currently the Artistic Advisor to the Zap Art Board of Trustees and Associate Artistic Director. Dave was one of the five creative producers for London 2012: Showtime, the Major of London’s and London 2012 Cultural Olympiad outdoor arts festival. He has previously produced major cultural projects such as two Japanese festivals in Hyde Park (1991 & 2001 Japanese Matsuri Festival) and outdoor events for the BBC (BBC Music Live 2000, Brighton. BBC Radio 1 25th Anniversary 1983, Birmingham). Through Zap Art, Dave has established highly successful partnerships between UK partners and French street art festivals with funding from the European Union through Interreg. The most recent partnership, ZEPA 2008 – 2012 (European Zone of Artistic Projects) had a 6.25 million euro budget working with street arts across southern England and northern France. Dave was also one of the founding partners of the Without Walls consortium and a key partner in the European street arts project Insitu.

Veronica Stephens, Associate Producer

After spending 15 years working in Japanese film and television production, Veronica switched tracks and since 1999 has been working as a creative producer in the world of street arts and circus, specializing in outdoor site specific theatre and working with communities. She has worked as an associate producer with Zap Art for 14 years, on many large scale, high profile international partnership projects and co-commissions including most recently: ZEPA projects Newhaven Cormorant! (Generic Vapeur, 2011), Barricade (No Fit State, 2010/12), Transe Express in Truro and Southampton (2009/10), Like A Fish Out Of Water part of Mayor of London’s Secrets – Hidden London (English National Ballet, seven sisters group, 2012). In 2013, working with writer Sara Clifford, she co-conceived and produced Our Dancing Feet. They had collaborated previously in 2012 on The Port The Beast & The Traveller. In 2007/08 she worked with WildWorks on the production of Souterrain in Brighton & Hastings.

Elizabeth Bennett, Research Coordinator

Elizabeth is an AHRC funded Postgraduate research student at Royal Holloway University of London’s Drama and Theatre Department. Her PHD thesis covers contemporary British outdoor arts; she advocates for greater critical and academic interest in this sector. Her research includes the work of companies such as WildWorks, Generik Vapeur, Cie Carabosse, Same Sky, Emergency Exit Arts and Welfare State International. Elizabeth has worked previously for Zap Art on various projects including Our Dancing Feet (2013/14), Like A Fish Out Of Water (2012), Newhaven Cormorant! (2011) and La Photo Communale II (2011).