For three decades Zap Art has been one of the UK’s leading creative producers, internationally renowned for introducing powerful arts experiences to new audiences, creating high profile, exciting, sustainable events that make a difference to places & people. Zap’s strength lies in its ability to work at the largest scale, on highly complex, multi partnership projects, with meaningful participation & engagement, while delivering the artist’s vision & producing high quality, inspirational outdoor & site specific work and a legacy of revitalized communities. Over the last decade, Zap has been a leading partner in ZEPA (Anglo-French, co-commissioning partnership supported by EU’s interreg IVa programme), instrumental in bringing exceptional quality, transnational outdoor works to the UK ( Wildworks, Transe Express, Groupe F, Generik Vapeur, No Fit State Circus) whilst working at grass roots level with communities in areas of significant deprivation (Newhaven, Great Yarmouth, Medway). Zap’s international profile and reputation led to us being selected as the central London hub producer for ‘Showtime’, 2012 Cultural Olympic celebrations, & creative producers for GLA/ English National Ballet/Seven Sisters group co-production ‘Fish Out of Water’ (MoL Presents: Secrets: Hidden London Lidos). In 2013 – Zap was successful in raising over £215,000 from ACE, HLF & others to create ‘Our Dancing Feet‘ – a project with high quality artistic collaborators, community participation & partnership of 41 organizations from a variety of different sectors working across multiple programme strands & agendas (arts, education, health, age, heritage).

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